Shanikqua Janea Butler


Phillip Xavier Foster

Shanikqua Janea Butler and Phillip Xavier Foster

Our Story

Shanikqua Janea Butler and Phillip Xavier Foster met in 2017 during a work event in Palm Springs, California. They were introduced by their manager during the company welcome party event, from there they began to be friends. They shared an interest in technology, food, and travel, which kept them connected after returning to their home states. They often spent hours on the phone and traveling back and forth to enjoy each other's company until love brought them together despite being miles apart. And the rest, as they say, is history.

In September 2019, after dinner at Relais Paradiso, Phillip Xavier Foster surprised Shanikqua Janea Butler by proposing in Amalfi Coast, Italy, a place they always wanted to go.

They're so excited to share the next phase of their lives together and can't wait to celebrate with you in September!


- This event is 21 and up, NO children are allowed. Thank you in advance.

- Dress Code: Black Tie

- RSVP before July 1st

- Please inform us of any food allergies or dietary restrictions before July 1st.

- This is an unplugged wedding ceremony. Please turn off and keep your cell phones, iPads, cameras, Go-Pros, and any other digital distraction away during the ceremony. You may use them during the reception.
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